Quick-Start Guide

3 minute read

This guide is intended to get you up and running with Valkryja quickly - it isn’t exhaustive, and you can turn to the documentation for in-depth explanations of the various things at play here, however, it should be enough to get you started. Just follow the below steps and you’ll have a basic Valkryja install ready to go!

Get the neccesary files

Download Mudlet 4.0.3 (or later)

If you have Mudlet installed already, skip to the next step!

Before we get anywheres into installing Valkryja itself, you will need to install Mudlet version 4.0.3 or later. Valkryja may work on earlier versions, but it has not been tested on earlier versions prior to 4.0.3, and cannot be gauranteed to work. If you install on an earlier version, it’s at your own risk and is entirely unsupported.

That said, to install Mudlet, navigate to the Mudlet website download page and select the operating system that applies for you.

Download the core Valkryja module

Valkryja is set up in such a way that you just need to download a single file, and that file contains an auto-installer which will download everything else that Valkryja needs and make sure it is set up properly.

Navigate to the page for that file in the repository, and download it to somewheres on your computer. Anywheres is fine - as long as that’s where you want the files for Valkryja to reside, including images, etc.

Set up Mudlet with Valkryja

Create a profile for Valkryja

We suggest to create your own profile for Valkryja, so that you can keep changes to Valkryja seperate from changes to the default profiles for the stock MUDs listed with Mudlet. To create a new profile, simply load Mudlet, and at the profile screen, click New. Then, for the profile details, enter Valkryja, and for the connection details, for server name, enter the domain of the MUD you most want to play (don’t worry, you’ll still get the splash to select MUDs), and the port. Then to get started installing Valkryja, click the Offline button.

Run the Valkryja auto-installer of choice

Full Installer

If you want everything that Valkryja has to offer, you can run the full installer from that offline prompt, with:

lua Valkryja.Valgrind.FullInstall()

What should follow is Valkryja installing a lot of modules and graphics, and when that is completed, the splash screen to Valkryja should display, and you’re all ready to go.

Configure Valkryja to your liking


Installing MUDs after the fact

If something goes wrong

The auto-installer ran but the splash did not appear afterwards

Sometimes, the auto-installer may not run properly. Most often, this is due to it not being able to download the files it needs in the timeout specified by Mudlet for HTTP downloads.

Valkryja appeared to install properly but things appear to be missing

I ran into a bug not listed here